3 Important Dos And Don’ts To Keep In Mind When Buying Motor Car Insurance

These days, owning a car is almost a requirement for every household. Having your own vehicle allows you the freedom of travelling wherever you want to, when you want to. Now, if you are a vehicle owner (or about to become one for the first time), you should be aware that you need to have at least third-party motor insurance to drive your vehicle on the roads. If you do not own at least this basic form of coverage, you will incur hefty penalties. And, to ensure that you take all the right steps while buying motor insurance, we have listed down a few dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind. Read on –

Dos when buying motor car insurance

  1. DO buy your coverage online

While you can consider buying your motor insurance through an agent, the online platform can prove to be superior. When you buy coverage online, you can compare plans with ease from the comfort of your home or office. Plus, you also adhere to social distancing norms which are required in the current pandemic.

  1. DO fill up the form yourself

This is especially important if you are buying coverage through an agent. Make sure to input every detail on your own and then crosscheck all the information. If you are buying coverage online, do not entrust anyone else to apply for you. Always apply on your own so you can verify every detail and spelling.

  1. DO opt in for add-ons

While only third-party insurance is compulsory, it is advisable to opt for comprehensive coverage. And, try to supplement your comprehensive motor insurance plan with the help of add-ons for enhanced protection Add-ons like zero depreciation cover and consumables cover can prove really helpful.


Don’ts when buying motor car insurance

  1. DON’T select the first plan without evaluating it

Many of us simply buy motor insurance just to meet the legal requirements of driving on the roads here. However, by blindly selecting the first plan that you come across, you may end up missing out on better deals. Take your time to evaluate at least 2 to 3 plans before selecting one.

  1. DON’T hide any details from the insurer

Never attempt to hide any information that your insurer has requested you for. Be completely honest when filling up the motor insurance proposal form. This way, you will not have to fear your claims getting rejected due to dishonesty.  

  1. DON’T forget to read the policy exclusions

Every insurance plan has a certain set of exclusions. It is very important to go through the policy fine print to understand what these exclusions are. That way, you know what your motor insurance plan covers and what it doesn’t cover. There won’t be any surprises later on when you file a claim.

Keep these points in mind for a smooth experience when buying motor car insurance. Remember to always keep your motor insurance policy active! We wish you good luck!