Can I File a Lawsuit If I Slipped and Fell At a Parking Lot?

When you get a slip and fall accident on someone’s property, understanding whether they can be held liable is essential. To get guidance on the chances of filing a claim from the accident on another person’s property, consult a reliable attorney.

On the other hand, a parking lot is probably a place you must visit every day. While on your way to daily activities, you may slip and fall at the parking lot. This could be challenging because you may experience significant injuries such as broken bones, cuts, and more. The question remains, who is liable for your accident. And whether you can file a lawsuit after such an accident.

You can file a lawsuit, but you have to prove the property owner was negligent. That’s because the property owner has to abide by the required standard duty. In most cases, premises liability is about slip and fall, falling into swimming pools, attack by vicious animals, and more. There are several crucial tips to keep in mind in the event you get injured after you slip and fall in a parking lot.

Slip and Fall Injuries

If a property owner doesn’t maintain their properties, the law finds them liable after a slip and fall accident. That means you can get compensation for your injuries and other expenses incurred after the accident. However, the term property in this scenario doesn’t refer to the interior part. It, therefore, includes the adjoining parking lot. Consequently, the property owner’s responsibility is to ensure that the parking lot isn’t slippery from snow and ice, among other contributing factors. The party has ensured precautions are taken seriously to prevent customers from slipping and falling. When these precautions aren’t present, you can sue the property management for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. And this works best when you slip and fall while walking.

Serious Injuries Require Legal Actions

After you slip and fall in the parking lot, you could experience severe damages and injuries. Perhaps, you could get broken bones, cuts, head trauma, and other physical injuries. In addition, you could be carrying your electronic gadgets such as a smartphone, laptops, and more. These gadgets could hit the ground and get severe damage. Having experienced that, you can file a claim against the negligent property owner. The slip and fall accident happened because the management didn’t provide necessary precautions, making them negligent and liable for the accident.

What to do:

After the slip and fall accident has taken place, the first thing you should do is to file a claim and get compensated. What should come to mind is the procedure to follow.

Firstly, seek medical attention and follow your doctor’s treatment program.

Secondly, take pictures of the accident scene: these pictures should prove the property owner’s negligence, such as a wet floor without warning signs. After that, report the matter to the police and ask for a report.

Lastly, the most crucial thing is hiring an attorney to present you. A reasonable attorney will advise and represent you in the lawsuit process.