Coworking Spaces vs. Traditional Offices in Cyprus

The workspace has experienced drastic changes over the last few years. Due to new and developed technologies, companies are looking for ways to make their workforce more flexible and agile. This can be seen in the shift to flexible workspaces from traditional offices in Cyprus.

Coworking: What is it?

The term “coworking” is a combination of two words: work and cooperation. Therefore, it is a practice of sharing a physical workspace with other employees from different organizations. In other words, coworking spaces offer a communal area where people can collaborate, socialize and work remotely.

Coworking consists of different entities, from digital nomads, freelancers and start-ups to remote workers and large and small-scale companies. The only best thing you can do is choose a cost-effective coworking membership like SOHO Cyprus to focus on your business as your network grows.

Initially, coworking was used as a viable substitute for traditional offices, but today it is a stand-alone solution for many professionals looking for convenience and flexibility. Also, it is a new working technique that combines the office spaces community with the flexibility of freelancing.

Coworking is a growing movement in Cyprus where individuals seek ways to be productive without sacrificing work flexibility.

What is a Traditional Office?

As the name suggests, traditional offices are physical structures designed and constructed for productivity and focus at work. They come in different forms, from separate cubicle offices to layouts like coworking spaces. Company leaders have the freedom and control over employees, technology and resources in traditional offices for improved output.

Additionally, traditional offices can be used as your company’s headquarters, where you can brand and modify the offices to suit your working condition and needs. This office encourages and promotes individual work rather than collaboration and networking.

Benefits of coworking office space

Many benefits come with coworking spaces that can’t be found in a typical office setting. The first and most important positive about coworking is the fact that you can network with other individuals and professionals sharing the same goals and interests. Therefore, you can easily build relationships with different people (like-minded) who can end up being partners or clients.

Secondly, you get a nice clean place to work without family distractions. Coworking eliminates the pressure and distraction from family members or colleagues in the office. On top of all that, you get access to essential amenities that will keep you productive all day. Therefore, you can work remotely or start your business without paying for amenities like an internet connection and conference room.


Coworking spaces play an important role in the business world by offering flexibility, affordability and office amenities. Therefore, the office type you decide to get will largely depend on your needs, taste, work and other important factors in your business.