Determining The Best Windsock To Purchase

Windsocks can be pretty expensive purchases, therefore it’s important to put a bit of thought in beforehand to get the best quality one that is appropriate for what you intend to use it for.  Purchasing a poor-quality windsock could lead to these tearing or breaking completely off the pole therefore affecting its effectiveness.  Here are some guidance tips from us as to how to make sure you get the correct one for you.

Determining its use

There are several reasons why you would want to purchase a windsock.  As these are used to determine wind direction and speed then generally the most common place you will find these in are at airports.  You may also find them in chemical plants or even highways.  When you are clear on the purpose of the windsock you want to purchase then as you can imagine there are some regulations around this that will support the different types available (you can read about this later on in the article).  There will also be many different suppliers you can choose from with different quality and prices.


As you can expect there are some standards and regulations around windsocks that you should be aware.  The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) standards has stated specifically that how a properly functioning windsock will be erected and placed in order to breeze.  In addition the sizes and windspeeds are defined. Depending on the country there is also some specific rules and procedures relating to it.  The best guidance we can give is to check this out with them on their government sites or sites like the FAA in US and CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) in UK.

Where to purchase good quality windsocks

The best place to start on this is the internet.  You will see a wide range of different Commercial Windsocks Direct suppliers offering all kinds of prices and quality.  You should be on the lookout for, not only the different windsocks specifications and prices but also the range of poles and accessories.  As a result of this, you will have the full package from one company.  One thing that you should check is that they have good online reviews.  You can normally find this information out on their site if they have a testimonials section, or else you can go on the hunt elsewhere online.  As this product has regulations attached to it, you want to make sure that you make the correct decision. Sites such as Google My Business, and other social media channels are usually very good for giving you an idea of their level of service.

If you are having trouble thinking about where you should start when it comes to purchasing windsocks online, hopefully we have helped you out with some handy tips.

Image: Pixabay