DGCA Imposes A Fine Of $36,979.97 On Air India And Suspends Pilots License Over Urination Case: Exorbitant Engine Costs Puts The Mega Deal Of 500 Jets On Hold

DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) imposed a fine of $36,979.97 on Air India for violating the rules in an incident involving urination by a man on a woman on November 26. The aviation regulator also suspended pilots licenses. People familiar with the matter said the regulator took the step for not taking immediate action to stop that incident on the flight and over the negligence of Air India officials and the pilot.

In the live breaking news today, DGCA also suspended the command-in-chief pilot license for three months for failing to perform the duties as per Rule 141. Air India’s Director-in-flight services also bore the brunt of a $36,979.97 fine for failing to discharge the duties as per the Civil Aviation Requirements in India. The employees involved in the flight schedule are also removed from their job.

Airline spokesperson admits flaws in its reply

A spokesperson of Air India said they received the order from the aviation regulator and are studying its details. He said there are three flaws in its report submitted to the aviation regulator and that taking steps to send the proper reply.

Air India is taking steps to prevent such incidents in the future and training the crew in dealing with unruly passengers. It will also train the crew with civil aviation rules in discharging their duties. In a communique today, the airline said it is committed to ensuring the health and safety of passengers onboard the aircraft. The urination incident on November 26, 2022, on an Air India flight from New York to Delhi, resulted in anger.

The drunk Shankar Misra urinated on an older woman during a flight from New York to Delhi. He is on the ‘No Fly’ list and not allowed to fly for the next four months on Air India flights. The airline forwarded the internal committee report to the DGCA. It also shared the copy with other airlines in India.

Aircraft Deal of Air India Hits a Roadblock On Higher Engine Prices

In the top news headlines today, Air India kept the deal of 500 aircraft with Boeing and Airbus on hold. The aircraft makers failed to lower the aircraft prices because engine manufacturers are holding tight over the prices. If the deal goes through, it could be the largest single deal in aviation history.

Engine manufacturers usually offer handsome discounts on large purchases

When such large-scale purchases are involved, the engine manufacturers lower prices and offer handsome discounts on maintenance and engines. According to available information from Bloomberg, Saffron SV JV, General Electric Co, and CFM International are not ready to reduce engine prices leading to stalling purchases of aircraft.

Boeing powers its 737 series aircraft with engines from CFM International whereas Airbus fits its A320 with either Pratt or CFM engines. According to the reports, the engine manufacturers are unwilling to lower their prices because of the increased cost of repairs involving workhorse jets of Airbus and Boeing’s latest generation turbo fans.

Air India, which was acquired recently by the Tata Group, is striving to push the purchase quickly to remove the constraints of new jetliners. Airbus could take another 6 years for the delivery of the A321.