Enhancing Your Law Practice Website – A Useful Exercise

Here is a tip that will help you improve every facet of your law practice website, in the design towards the content and beyond. Forget you have your site, and examine it with brutal objectivity (just like a potential customer would do).

If you’re as acquainted with your law practice website like me with my very own websites, then you may be unaware of certain weak points inside the website. I do not imply that being an insult. On the other hand, this occurs to each website owner — myself incorporated. And it is natural. If you notice something regularly with time, you start not to view it before long.

Just to illustrate, somebody lately stated a blatant spelling error around the webpage of 1 of my websites — inside a headline believe it or not. I have most likely checked out that page header a 1000 occasions. However I understood what it really was designed to say, and so i did not even notice what it really really stated.

Okay. So you are wondering what it has related to your law practice website, or with Online marketing generally. Well, it’s everything related to the prosperity of your law firm’s website. Typos, unclear messages, damaged hyperlinks, confusing navigation, insufficient lead machines … when combined, these small problems may become a large problem. Plus they can stop you from experienceing this true marketing potential of the law practice website.

So this is what you need to do.

An Attorney Website Exercise

This little website exercise will pressure you to definitely “step outdoors” of yourself and find out your site with fresh eyes (what sort of potential client would view it). All you need to do is pretend that the law practice website goes to some total stranger, which you’re being compensated to judge it honestly. To be able to earn your earnings, you need to provide a extremely honest overview of what the law states firm website, just like you were a possible client of this law practice.

Now print the next questions and go to your website’s webpage:

May be the navigation logical? Are you able to immediately get where you’re going around?

Inside the first 10-seconds, would you see anything of worth for you?

Would you see anything worth digging much deeper for?

Performs this website provide you with confidence within the owner?

Will the website suggest professionalism, reliability , focus on detail?

Will the website make you need to find out more? Why or why don’t you?

Will it make you need to contact what the law states firm behind it? Why or why don’t you?

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