Gennady Podolsky’s Top Tips for Improving Vacations

Family vacations can be a fun bonding experience or a stressful nightmare, depending on the preparation and execution. Gennady Podolsky, a global travel advisor, provides five essential tips for creating harmonious, quality family vacations that meet everyone’s needs.

Involve the Whole Family in Planning

Although parents typically decide on the destination and make bookings, children of all ages should participate in planning. This gives them a sense of ownership and avoids potential resentment from being left out. Gennady Podolsky suggests a fun trip-planning session with the whole family’s favorite snacks and drinks. Members can share their ideal activities and ones they’d prefer to avoid.

Select a Unifying Trip Objective 

Once the location is set, agree on a central trip objective or theme around which to structure activities as a family. Beach-related activities like sandcastle building, boat rides, or sampling boardwalk foods can unite the beach vacation experience. If exploring family-friendly Sweden, focus on abundant outdoor options like playgrounds, nature preserves, and zoos for a shared adventure.

Book Early for the Best Availability and Savings

Booking flights, hotels, and attractions far in advance increases chances of ideal flight times, adjacent seats, room upgrades, better rental cars, and attraction availability. Gennady Podolsky also notes early booking often allows access to exclusive discounts not offered closer to travel dates. Choosing off-peak seasons and lower-tier destinations also keeps costs down. Checking school calendars before reserving ensures no conflicts.

Prepare Kids for the Experience 

Unfamiliar travel situations can stress kids and cause uncooperative behavior. Gennady Podolsky advises orienting children on what to expect at the airport, hotel, and destination. Clearly stating rules and conduct expectations for each child throughout the trip also helps avoid problems.

Match Activities to Kids’ Needs and Interests

A steady mix of moderately paced, age-appropriate activities reduces stress. Gennady Podolsky suggests booking top kids’ attractions first, then adding extras if the budget allows later. Beyond tourist sites, incorporate location-relevant options like cooking classes in Italy/France or beachcombing in coastal parks for affordable variety. Build in downtime for rest, snacks, and recharging.

Pack Medications and Create a Safety Plan 

Stomach bugs, allergies, or other routine health issues don’t stop while on vacation. Gennady Podolsky recommends bringing all commonly used over-the-counter and prescription medications and keeping all in original containers. Consult doctors on appropriate kids’ meds. A comprehensive child safety plan is also vital when traveling, designating meeting spots, identifying local officials or trusted adults, providing hotel details in the local language, and more.

Following global travel authority, Gennady Podolsky’s tips help vacations meet parents’ and kids’ needs for an enjoyable, harmonious trip full of shared memories.