Helpful Paraguay Travel Tips

Paraguay may be the second weakest country after Bolivia in South Usa. The folks are friendly and also the pace is slow. The nation has about million people and a pair of.3 million of these reside in the main city city, Asuncion.

Listed here are 18 tips about visiting Paraguay:

1. The spanish language and Guarani are broadly spoken in Paraguay.

2. Summer time is very hot and could be as much as 40 levels Celsius based on the local people. Our visit was at winter. You need to do require a light jacket during the night and morning hours. Trinidad was very cold during the night and morning hours. You’ll need winter clothes within this a part of Paraguay, highlighting Argentina within the northwest.

3. Time focus Paraguay is equivalent to US Eastern Time.

4. Electricity is 220 volts.

5. Official currency is Guaraní. Throughout our visit it had been US$1 to 4400 Guaranis.

6. You are able to withdraw $ $ $ $ or local guaranis in main bank Automatic teller machines in Paraguay. We withdrew ours at HSBC bank along Calle Palma.

7. Money exchange can be created in the border capital of scotland- Cuidad del Este if you’re traveling with a local or coach from Foz do Iguacu, South america.

8. Most shops prefer money in Paraguay and don’t accept charge cards.

9. If you want to meet with a bank official, banking hrs are between your hrs of 8:30 a.m. to at least one:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

10. Tipping is 10% in bars and restaurants.

11. You are able to travel inexpensively by bus from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and South america to Paraguay. I don’t possess the experience but I have seen bus ticket counters in Argentina, South america and Uruguay that sells tickets to Asuncion, Paraguay. You’ll have to be familiar with the necessity to undergo immigration and customs by yourself.

12. People in america need Paraguayan visas. It is US$160 per person which last before the passport expires.

13. You will find American junk food restaurants in Asuncion like Carl’s junior and Hamburger King.

14. I was careful with fruit drinks and preparing salads while eating in Paraguay. On the first evening in Asuncion we requested stir-fried veggies rather than salad. BAD choice… i was given fried salad (tomato plants, shredded celery and lettuce).

15. Services at restaurants are reduced than expected. So have patience.

16. Obtain a haircut in Asuncion. It is inexpensive. My boy got one at Ayala, over the Grand Structure Hotel for USD4.50 with a barber that has 40 experience. He compensated US$25 in Florida, US$10 in Mendoza, US$15 in Montevideo and US$13 in Sao Paulo.

17. Plain tap water is drinkable in Paraguay based on the Paraguay Tourism Board. We bought canned water.

18. Airport terminal tax is US$31.