How Can You Manage Your Roof Leakage Issue Until Professionals Arrive?

You can never take your roof leaking so lightly even if it happens to be a minor roof leak. It is always suggested to take urgent action if ever you notice that your roof is leaking. You must call any roofing professional immediately to inspect the roof.

However, quite often as a homeowner, you may have to put off your roof replacement due to lack of sufficient budget. Also, quite often during a particular season, most of the roofing contractors like A To Z Construction remain too busy with roof repair activity. If it rains heavily during this time then it can further increase your woes.

In such a situation homeowners may have to make certain temporary measures of their own to stem any damage due to water until their roof leaking problem is addressed professionally. In such a situation, the following tips can help homeowners to manage such circumstances until any professional help is available.

Follow all these safety tips

You may have to go to your roof and check how can you implement a certain temporary fix. However, before you go up on your roof, you must follow these safety precautions:

  1. Don’t take unnecessary risks

During wet season, the roof may tend to become too slippery and hence you should avoid taking any unnecessary risks unless it is very much essential. You may wait for a little better weather

  1. Don’t go alone

Avoid going alone on your roof because in case any accident takes place then you will need a certain help. Carry a partner who can supply you with any necessary material if needed.

  1. Use the ladder correctly

Your ladder must be in good condition and there must be someone below who can offer support to you when you are on the ladder. Avoid carrying any heavy up or down on the ladder.

  1. Wear a suitable gear

You must wear boots or solid shoes with rubber soles for superior traction that prevents slipping. Also, wear a sunscreen and a long-sleeved shirt to protect yourself from brigh sunlight.

Redirect leaking water by using a bottle funnel

You may use a bottle funnel, if plenty of water is accumulated on the roof.

1.     Examine from a safe distance

Prefer to keep a safe distance to examine any damage that you can see on the roof.

2.     Clear away all unnecessary leaves and debris

There can be plenty of debris or tree leaves that may block the drainage of your roof. Clear them as much as possible.

3.     Remove all fallen tree limbs

If the fallen limbs of the nearby tree are lying on your roof then try to remove them from there.

4.     Sweep away or soak up all the standing water

Try to remove as much water as possible from your roof that may leak into inside your home.

5.     Use a Plastic Sheet for Covering the Area

You may also use a plastic sheet to cover your entire roof as a temporary cover.

If you fail to take all these measures then you may end up spending a few more dollars on your roof repair, if the roof repair professional is not available for a longer time.