How Entrepreneurs, Musicians, and Celebrities are Leveraging Twitter Blue-tick Verification

Being verified on a social media platform like Twitter holds a lot of value, especially for professionals who want to use it to improve their brand value. Today, several entrepreneurs, musicians, and celebrities are benefiting significantly from wielding the iconic blue tick next to their name on Twitter. These public figures understand the importance of and how to leverage the Twitter-verified badge. Let’s look at how the Twitter verification service is helping them multiply their revenues.

Indicates Authenticity

Social media account verification serves as social proof and instantly adds authenticity and credibility to the user. In the same vein, the Twitter blue tick signals to other users and followers that a certain entrepreneur, musician, or celebrity’s account is indeed theirs and not an impersonation or fraud. It also helps interested followers filter out fan pages from the actual account. This helps the brand or business gain traction and increases its following. In short, a Twitter verified badge boosts one’s credibility enormously. It is an invaluable tool for all entrepreneurs, musicians, and celebrities who are active on the platform and are looking to enhance their business prospects.

Increases Brand Awareness

The boost of credibility that the Twitter verification service gives to your brand extends to increased brand awareness. Fans trust a verified account enough to want to follow it, and this expanded following creates greater knowledge of the entrepreneur, musician, or celebrity’s work.

Did you know that only a meager 1% of social media accounts are verified?[1] Hence, an entity whose Twitter profile has that famous blue tick is seen as authoritative and reliable, thanks to the platform’s extensive checks and balances to ensure that only eligible account holders make it to this list. It makes followers more interested in your brand even before they can fully grasp what you have to offer.

Attracts Collaborators

The Twitter blue tick is a positive signal for other brands and parties that are considering collaborating with you. As a digital influencer, a lot of your work may be propelled by such partnerships. Potential collaborators, including investors, peers, and those whom you look up to, will need to be sure that they are reaching out to the right person. Thus, the Twitter verified badge will assure them that they are indeed on the right track with this.

Tightens Cybersecurity

If you have availed of the Twitter verification service, you will be familiar with how painstaking and strict the entire process is. The platform takes great care to ensure that a verified account cannot get hacked or locked out easily. The more you advance in your career, the more important it becomes to avoid such a thing from happening to you. Twitter verification for entrepreneurs and musicians helps prevent impersonation and fraud that can impact your brand very negatively.

Increases the Chances of Social Media Verification on Other Platforms

Holding the Twitter blue badge helps you get recognized by other social media platforms too. In turn, it increases your chances of receiving the verified badge on these platforms as well. The Twitter blue tick is a valuable currency in the digital world and can open up many possibilities for your career.

Now that you’re familiar with the many benefits of Twitter verification, the question is how to get verified on Twitter? Well, although you cannot buy Twitter verification from the company itself or a third party directly, you may consult a professional Twitter verification agency to help make your profile eligible for verification.

Today, many digital agencies provide a Twitter verification service for a fee. They can even guarantee a successful outcome to the application for verification. Hiring the right social media verification agency with past experience can streamline the process for you while eliminating the stress and uncertainty that comes with it. The Twitter blue tick offers invaluable benefits in terms of furthering your career, so be sure to make the most of it!