Impeccable Ways of Getting Ready for Your Jaw Surgery

Except for medical students and professionals, most people fear undergoing medical procedures. You may develop a fear of the process and the outcome of the surgery. However, coming to terms with the process before you meet your doctor is crucial. Meeting your oral surgeon is no exception; you need to prepare in advance regarding requirements, reasons for the oral surgery, and expectations.

When visiting your doctor for oral surgery, you need to prepare well in advance while at home and within the medical facility.

1.     Schedule Time with Your Doctor.

It’s important to note the date and time of the doctor’s appointment. Confirm that the doctor has approved the stated date for the surgery. If you need to reschedule the appointment, talk to your doctor or the hospital administrators immediately to avoid unnecessary preparations. Use the meet-up to understand what you need to do or avoid before the day of the surgery. You can set your appointment with your oral surgeon as a reminder on your phone or Google calendar.

2.     Avoid Meals on The Day of Surgery

It is essential to avoid hefty meals hours before jaw surgery to avoid the risk of aspiration. The use of anesthesia suspends body flexes that prevent inhalation of food particles in case you vomit. Thus without these flexes, food particles can be easily inhaled into the lungs if you happen to vomit during the procedure. Aspiration is rare, but it is crucial to reduce the risks.

3.     Take Care of You General Well Being

It is essential to be strong and healthy for the day of your dental surgery. Feeding on nutritious foods helps improve your immunity and prepares your body for the quick healing process. Recovery from any disease depends mainly on your body to provide the nutrients and energy required. Therefore, enrich your health by taking proteins, fruits, and vegetables rich in vitamin C and other vital nutrients, such as apples and kale. Nutritional supplements can also come in handy in fulfilling your dietary requirements. Exercises are excellent at keeping your body fit. Avoid all unhealthy habits, including smoking and taking alcohol before the surgery. Keep cold and flu at bay; I hope you don’t want to sneeze after your jaw surgery!

4.     Plan Your Ride in Advance

You need to plan your travel to the hospital and out of the hospital after the surgery. Anesthesia impairs judgment for a while; therefore, it’s vital to have a driver or a taxi take you back home or use public means. If you have to drive, wait until the effect of sedation is over. If the surgeon decides to admit you for a while, then you need not worry; the impact of anesthesia will be long gone before you leave the hospital.


Preparing for jaw surgery is not a one-day preparation; it takes time. Eat well to keep healthy and follow your surgeon’s instructions. Note that your doctors’ instructions supersede any other information given. Remember to cut out your lousy health habits; your surgeon cannot deal with that.