Mental health well being during COVID-19: Tips to take care of yourself

Ask for help when you need it

We understand how stressful and anxious it could get while living in such an uncertain environment. COVID-19 has affected our lifestyle, our daily lives and our plans. It has also led to a financial problem for many others and the pain of losing their loved ones. To reduce your mental pressure and take care of yourself, here are few tips that can help you cope.

Get proper sleep: It is important to sleep at least 8 hours a day to not feel tired and demotivated. Also, have a normal sleep schedule where you sleep and wake up at the same time.

Eating healthy: Eat fruits and vegetables that are good for your health. Avoid any kind of junk food and limit your caffeine intake.

Avoid taking a substance to cope: alcohol, drugs and tobacco will not help you escape your stress, anxiety or depression. It will only worsen those mental health issues. Make sure you limit your substance intake unless prescribed by the doctor.

Limit your screen time: Take time to go for a quick walk and avoid using your phone and laptop too much. Make an effort to not use your phone 30 minutes before your bedtime.

Limit your exposure to news or media: Only believe official news and do not react to every rumour you hear on social media. You can see information from official doctors on our MFine COVID-19 care page. Being in social media can be disturbing at times, make sure to avoid using social media for long periods.

Focus on your family and friends: This time should be used to feel grateful for your loved ones and spend your time with them. Spend and connect with your family and friends after your work hours.

Stay busy: With the world at standstill, it is the best time to focus and work on yourself. Read the books you never found the time for or enjoy your hobbies that you forgot about. You can also exercise to keep yourself healthy.

Focus on positive thoughts: Look at the silver lining in everything as much as possible. Get a journal and note down everything you are grateful for on that particular day. You will start feeling positive and happier than before.


Balance your work life: Work-life balance has now become more important than ever. Set your priorities and work only for stipulated hours. Avoid working for more than 40 hours a week and use the free time you have with your family or with yourself.

Support and help: Be a support system for people around you and help them whenever possible. You will feel much better once you see the impact your small contributions and help makes in someone’s life.

Ask for Help when you need it:

Mental health problems are a battle to fight and it can get difficult to cope up during this pandemic. Ask for help when you are feeling anxious and depressed and talk about your feeling with your loved ones. If you feel you need professional help, you can talk to a psychiatrist or book an online doctor consultation on our MFine app. Remember to take care of yourself even after this pandemic is over and help others when they are struggling mentally.