Music Business Leader Evan Rubinson Gives Hiring Advice 

When you’re hiring for your business, you need to hire with a success mindset. You need to consider just how the new hire will help you to be more successful, and how you can make them more successful in their role. Making just the right hires is important for saving you an enormous amount of time and money you’d be out with the wrong hire. It’s expensive to hire with all of the time dedicated to interviews, the onboarding process, and ironing out the learning curve. Evan Rubinson is the Leader of ERA Brands and has an enormous amount of experience with successful hiring. He gives advice about how to hire well so that each hire adds to your success.

Important Traits in New Hires

Evan Rubinson has worked in both the finance and music industries. He says the first rule is to know exactly what you want in a new hire. You likely want someone with a good work ethic, a lot of loyalty, and the ability to work on a team. All of these traits must be in place, and a person who doesn’t have the highest level of education may be a better hire than someone who has a Ph.D. who doesn’t have those traits. Someone with those traits indicates that a potential hire is adaptable and functional, and this can lead to success no matter what the industry.

A good hire is also someone who can set aside their ego and pride and truly engage in teamwork. No matter what level the job is, teamwork can’t truly exist if an employee is all about their ego instead of listening and collaborating. Evan Rubinson says to also make sure that the potential hire is a good fit for the company culture. A worker who doesn’t fit in may not work as well with the rest of the employees than if they were a better fit for the culture.


Onboarding New Hires

Once you make a new hire, it’s a good idea to be hands-on with that employee to get them into their new role. If you have a different management style, you have to find a way to make that work for your new hire. Onboarding can be a lengthy process, and you have to give it your full effort to ensure a good fit and that your hire starts out with good habits. For Evan Rubinson, he stays extremely hands-on for a few months until he is knowledgeable about the new hire’s strengths and trusts that they have had a good start in their role. This allows for both the employee to get a lot of training and guidance, and it allows you to know what their strengths are. This can be a smart way to hire for success.

A business is made up of its people, and all of those individuals have to work well together to create a good outcome. With the best hires possible, your business can thrive with talented people working seamlessly together. Read more about Evan Rubinson on