NBA-Accredited Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

India’s top engineering colleges are coming to the forefront by getting themselves NBA (National Board of Accreditation) accredited. In the same way, it has also become highly crucial for the students to get themselves enrolled only in NBA-accredited colleges.

Being one of India’s top autonomous accreditation bodies, the NBA has accredited various engineering and other technical institutes.

Why Does NBA Accreditation Matter?

If a college is NBA-accredited, then it means that it has met all the criteria of offering quality education and performs well in terms of faculty, classes, syllabus, exam, and overall facilities.

Completing graduation from an NBA-accredited college is highly important for any student from an engineering or management background, as it offers them a strong academic background. It helps them go ahead with their engineering, IT, and any other computer-related disciplines.

List of the Top NBA-Accredited Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

Let’s check out the top engineering colleges in Bangalore that is NBA accredited:

  • Acharya Institute of Technology – AIT: The Acharya Institute of Technology, also known as AIT, was established in the year 2000 and is one of the top engineering colleges in Bangalore. It consists of 7 research centres and 10 other educational institutions. It aims to impart a high level of education in 7 streams along with offering postgraduate degrees in computer applications and business administration. The institute is affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological Institute or VTU and is approved by AICTE.
  • Ambedkar Institute of Technology: Established by Late Shri M H Jayaprakash Narayan in 1980, this is another top engineering institute of Bangalore. Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and is affiliated under VTU. Being one of Bangalore’s top academic institutions, this college is also known for imparting high-quality education in various streams, including engineering, management, and IT. This institute is also known for providing the best placement training to its students.
  • Atria Institute of Technology: Also known as AIT, the Atria Institute of Technology falls under the list of top engineering colleges in Bangalore. This college is also affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological Institute (VIT). It offers not only engineering courses but also management and information technology courses. Accredited by NAAC and NBA, this college has broken records for excellent placement of its students.
  • BMS College of Engineering – BMSCE: Being one of the oldest engineering colleges of Bangalore, the BMS College of Engineering was established in the year in 1946 by its visionaries Sree B. M Sreenivasaiah, which was further nurtured by his son Sri B. S Narayan. This Institute is also known as the BMSCE, one of India’s first private institutions of engineering education. The institution aims to provide world-class education in all these years, emphasising research and development in engineering. The institute has currently about 5000 students and 350 research scholars pursuing their respective degrees.
  • Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering – DSCE: Approved by AICTE or All India Council for Technical Education, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering has a vision of imparting high-quality education to its students. The students of this institution have always held the track record of securing the highest ranks and grades every year. The DSCE Institute provides its students with engineering, IT, science, and management courses.


Every NBA-accredited engineering college in Bangalore has an aim to ensure quality educational standards in all aspects. These colleges have enhanced the student’s enrollment process and deployed high-quality education with top-notch research facilities.

These colleges have promoted a competitive educational environment where the students have grown and posted their socio-economic development at a national level. And this is not the end of the top NBA-accredited engineering colleges in Bangalore; the list continues.

Some of the other institutes include Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology, ITM Business School, and Ghousia College Of Engineering.

If you are looking forward to joining one of the top NBA-accredited engineering colleges in Bangalore, this list will help you choose the best ones.

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