Preparing Yourself for Becoming a Ski Instructor

The UK has numerous amazing ski resorts that you can go to for skiing. It is one of several winter sports that the young and old alike like to get into during the winter. But not everyone knows how to ski, and this is where the expertise of ski instructors come in. Being a ski instructor requires patience, dedication and the right experience and knowledge to impart to the students. Thinking of becoming one? If you want to become a ski instructor, courses are offered to give you the certification to teach beginners of all ages to learn the ropes of skiing. Here is what you need to do to become a certified ski instructor.

Enrol in basic instructor courses

The BASI or British Association of Ski Instructors is an organisation recognised internationally. It is a training and grading organisation that helps experienced skiers qualify to become ski instructors in ski schools by training them to comply with industry standards. Ski schools are very strict regarding the expertise of instructors. Besides the BASI, you can enrol in private ski courses to be able to qualify for an instructor job. Ski instructors earn good money from teaching their skills to beginners.

Alpine level 1

Once you finish the basic instructor course, it is now time to move to the next courses which are the Alpine levels 1 and 2. Level 1 teaches you skiing safety, responding to emergency situations, how to plan basic lessons and how to improve your personal skills to enhance your teaching skills. Completing Alpine level 1 allows you to teach in an indoor snow centre or a dry slope anywhere in the UK. You only need a minimum of 35 hours of teaching experience to be able to move to Alpine level 2.

Alpine level 

Level 2 is more stringent than level 1, as you have to go up the slopes in Scotland or anywhere else in Europe. This level is a 10-day instructor course for a minimum of five hours a day. You get to improve your skills and knowledge, on steep slopes, bumps, freestyle and powder. Your trainers will be following your every turn to see if you exhibit considerable improvement in your skiing skills. The course will be a gruelling one, with another 2-hour lecture each evening. But the knowledge, experience and camaraderie that you will gain will be priceless.

Starting your ski instructor career

Once you complete your Alpine level 2 training, you are now ready to teach! Take your credentials to several ski resorts, or you can put up your own ski instructor business to teach skiing beginners of all ages.

Being a ski instructor, you get to meet people from all walks of life while enjoying the winter and doing what you love while getting paid good money. The satisfaction you get from seeing your students ski their first ever slope is beyond what money can buy. You get to contribute to the fun that they are having in the snow.