Read our Top Tips for MOT Guidance

How many times have you read in the media occasions where people have been ripped off with MOTs or that the standard of work completed was poor?  Clearly there are safety implications connected to MOTs therefore it’s important that when selecting a MOT garage, you have done your research into the company and get some customer feedback.  Here are some guidance notes from us:

Garage selection

You can only use approved MOT test centres to give you a certificate so be aware of any garages or people that advertise MOT services but are not actually approved to do this.  You will generally know from their advertisement that has the blue sign with 3 triangles to signify their approval.  When the MOT is completed you must be issued with a certificate confirming this and the approval that the car is in safe condition.  We also strongly recommend that you check out the garage reviews on the internet or from others to ensure that there is positive feedback.  There are MOTs by John Simmance you could check out as a reputable company on the web.

MOT Costs

Make sure you are not ripped off for the standard cost of a MOT as there are maximum amounts that they should be charging you.  The most up to date information on this can be found on the government website and at the time of writing this were set at £54.85 for a car and £29.65 for a motorcycle.  Sometimes you will find that garages will charge less that this but they should never pay more.  They may add additional costs for “extras” such as servicing however none of these services are obligated and it’s up to you whether or not you take these.

Ensure your car is safe to drive

If you are unlucky enough to fail your MOT then you need to take corrective action as soon as possible.  Continuing to drive a car with an invalid MOT will invalidate your insurance but also potentially be illegal.  You are not required to use the same garage that completed the MOT for you to fix the issues therefore you should shop around to ensure that you get best value for money (potentially consider the specific garage for the manufacturer of your car).  Every time you drive your car you should also be always checking to ensure its safe including break lights, breaks and windows and mirrors before every journey.  The law states that if any of these are faulty, you could be liable for a £2,500 fine.

Checking MOT due date

The most reliable way to check to see when your MOT is due is via the government website.  They will provide you with the exact up to date information.  There is also a service on the government website where you can sign up for reminders to ensure you don’t miss this date.  They will contact you via text message and email.  Failure to complete a MOT by its due date will leave you liable for a fine up to £1,000.

Image: Pixabay