Simple ways to increase your home value

A lot of home owners look at their property as an investment into their future with some even using it as part of their retirement fund.  Buying a property for the right price, owning it for a large number of years is generally a safe bet when it goes to value for money.  Getting this right can make you a lot of profit.  It is however you do not become complacent as if you do not take care of your property or upgrade it then it can either keep your market value static or even in drastic cases, decrease it.

One of the easiest and cost efficient ways to increase your home property value is to add a driveway.  Every year there are more and more people on the roads and with continuous pressure on our on street parking, having an exclusive driveway on your home will add some cash to its value.


By adding a driveway to your home we see some simple benefits:

  • Home value – depending on the quality of the driveway, we would fully expect at least £5k to be added to the market value of your property.  You can check out some online Resin Driveway Suppliers to give you the best value for money in this respect.
  • Always having a space – If you live in a particularly busy community, having your own exclusive space is always a plus.  This prevents unnecessary tension with neighbours who claim that the area you are parking in is “their space”.
  • Security – Having a car parked within your own private grounds is clearly a plus when it comes to security.  A car thief is less likely to be looking at going on your private property.


Believe it or not, there are some disadvantages to having a driveway:

  • Garden space – If you don’t have a particularly large front garden area then this may occupy a lot of the space you have. Generally people with a front garden have a back garden also so shouldn’t pose too much of an issue.
  • Being blocked in – There is always that inconsiderate driver that will park in front of your driveway and prevent you from getting your car out. All we can recommend with this is to ensure that you get the pavement lowered in front of your drive but even consider placing a sign at your drive or on the gate to the drive.
  • Driveway quality – It’s important that if you are doing this, then do it right. Don’t go for a cheap option that will make your home look cheap.  Ensure you have employed a reputable company that has good customer feedback.  Internet reviews always help with this decision making.


If you decide to go ahead with adding a driveway as a means to increase your home vale, make sure that you think it through properly taking into consideration some of these advantages and disadvantages.  Don’t go for any cheap options would be our recommendation.

Image: Pixabay