What are the benefits of using Google Cloud Server

Most businesses in the technology sector are aware of the large scale advantages that Google has over its competitors in the field of software development and cloud services. However, not all businesses are aware of the benefits that they can enjoy by using the platform provided by Google.

Through google cloud services, a business can enjoy several advantages like the ability to accelerate time to market, access to a wide array of tools and applications, gain access to a second network for application development, manage infrastructure costs, control over their own security, as well as gain additional time to focus on their core business processes. In short, Google Cloud will enable your company to save money, time, effort, and ultimately the success of your business.

There has been much speculation in the IT industry over the past few months about Google’s plans to bring the product to the US, and what benefits the company intends to derive through its usage of the cloud computing model. Similar to many other companies, Google will also be bringing out several tools and analytical software for US users which will enable them to access information and resources from the cloud at a lower cost and in a more efficient manner.

As per a Google blog post, the company will be hosting its own private cloud network called the “Cloud Infrastructure”. The goal is to provide the same resources and features that you would get from AWS at a lower price and at a bigger scale. Google will be connecting its two data centers to the Amazon Web Services’ platform and this will enable customers to make use of their computing power at a lower price. Not only will customers be able to make use of the features offered by the Amazon EC2, they will also be able to get features like application security and real-time security management from AWS. However, according to estimates, only a fraction of the users will actually make use of these features as they are yet to make their move to AWS.