What can you Expect from an Escape Room

If you have never heard of an escape room then we don’t know where you have been!  This is one of the new trends over the last few years for a good day out and magical experience.  These sort of activities are ideal for a group of friends looking to do something different or even a business that are looking to send their team out on a team building activity.  Here are some details of what this is all about.

Group Escape

Generally you can go for the Escape the Room experiences anywhere in the country with most cities catching on to the trend and opening a local centre.  The groups will begin from 2 and can go up to numbers as big as 10 or 12.  You will be locked in a room and have an allocated time to escape (generally an hour but this depends on the scenario).  The mystery will then begin and you will have different clues as to how to move forward in the journey.  The key thing here is that you need to work as a collective group to move to the next clue and get one step closer to escaping.  There may be physical things you need to do individually or together.  If you do get stuck then you do have the option to get the attention of the host via one of the many cameras and ask for a further clue.  Sometimes these more detailed clues are not good enough and you may need to beg for another.  The whole objective here is to get out of the room as quickly as you can.  As this is a group activity, this is ideal for a team building event for companies.  At the end your escape time is compared to other groups and you may even get a prize for being top of the leader-board.


The prices for one of these events is really quite reasonable and if you are splitting this amongst each person in the group then it’s a worth while investment.  Basic packages will include generally an hour maximum in one of the rooms but you can increase the packages to include maybe additional escape rooms (as there is more than one in the building) or even things like pictures and extras to enhance your experience.


When you have been to one of these sessions, they can become pretty addictive.  People actually do go back to the same escape room again and again to try and improve their escape time.  Alternatively they may try a new room.  Some of the escape room companies also offer a level of discount and rewards for loyalty from either individuals and companies.  The actual format of any one escape room normally remains the same for a good few months to allow people to try it and then will be refreshed with something new.  When a new one is launched this is advertised on their website.