Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting?

A managed WordPress hosting provider will focus on a single CMS, such as WordPress. This gives them a greater knowledge of the CMS, and they can help you with a range of WordPress-related questions. You can also take advantage of free backups and industry-leading speed. However, be aware that the cost of managed WordPress hosting is significantly higher than that of shared hosting.

WordPress hosting is built to handle the flood of traffic

The first step to a successful WordPress website is selecting the right web host. While shared hosting is a great way to start a website at low cost, it will not provide the performance that you need to handle high volumes of traffic. A quality hosting company will have the infrastructure to accommodate heavy traffic and will be more than willing to assist you with any problems.

A fully managed WordPress hosting provider should have many features such as free CDN, 24/7 monitoring, and malware scanning. A CDN is a network of additional network servers that handle most of the load on your website. They are often used to improve the performance of a website but can also be beneficial for security. They can detect unusual traffic patterns and act as reverse proxy servers to divert traffic away from your site.

It’s more expensive than shared hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is an excellent option for sites with high traffic volumes. It offers powerful tools and dedicated resources, making it ideal for business websites, e-commerce sites, and enterprise-level companies. A managed hosting plan will also help you grow your business through increased stability and performance.

Although managed WordPress hosting costs more than shared hosting, it offers several advantages. For instance, managed hosting ensures the security of your website. It also lets you focus on your content, rather than a website’s maintenance. Shared hosting is a good choice for beginners, but for power users or larger sites, managed hosting is a must.

It gives you free backups

Backups are an important part of WordPress, but not every host offers them. Managed WordPress hosting plans usually offer them as part of their plans. Some providers also offer on-demand backups, which can be very convenient for the occasional user. However, these backups may not be as reliable as you would like. Plus, you won’t always be able to control their frequency or where they will be stored.

Many managed WordPress hosts offer daily backups and one-click restore of your site. This saves you both time and money. Some of them also offer a staging environment for your website, so you can test changes before going live. Moreover, they offer support from more knowledgeable staff that understands WordPress better.

It offers industry-leading speed

If you want to keep your site running smoothly and quickly, consider a managed WordPress hosting provider. These services typically have greater infrastructure and a global reach than unmanaged hosting providers. For example, Google Cloud Platform offers hosting in 35 different locations across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America. This ensures that your site is located near your visitors so that page load times are as fast as possible.

Most managed WordPress hosting providers offer developer-friendly features. For example, they give their customers SSH access and multiple Premium Staging Environments. This means that they can set up as many as five different development environments simultaneously. This level of developer-friendly features is important for many businesses. Those who have high traffic websites should look for managed WordPress hosting services that offer industry-leading speed.

It offers free SSL certificates

If you want to make sure your website is safe for customers, members, and the general public, you should have an SSL certificate on your website. This is particularly important if your site offers online payment processing and collects customer information. Additionally, an SSL certificate increases your site’s search engine ranking, which is a great benefit for any website.

The cost of an SSL certificate depends on the type of service you need. Some are free, while others cost anywhere from a few dollars to $700 a year. The more expensive SSLs offer more features and can secure multiple domains and subdomains. However, for most users, the cheaper SSLs are more than enough.